Who We Are

We are a group of people that love to travel and explore the world. We meet monthly online on the 2nd Thursday @ 7:00 pm September through May. We like to keep things simple, thus we have no membership forms, dues, or bylaws.

If you would like to be on our email list, email us at We send out a reminder before each program. We never share or sell any contact information.

Our Mission

Mid-Valley Travel Club provides education about travel destinations around the world. Our mission is to encourage learning through exposure to lands and people representing many nations, races, religions and ethnicities. We believe travel promotes understanding, peace and diversity. The club expects presentations to reflect both tolerance and respect.

Presentations - Consider Giving One!

If you have an idea for a presentation, contact Dick and Jane Groff, our Program Organizers at See our guidelines for presentations below.


We switched to a Google domain, which costs only $13 per year with a free Google website. However, with the move to virtual meetings we are paying for one Zoom license. We have survived on small donations made at meetings in the past- You can view a simple spreadsheet of our expenses HERE. (Please note that as it is tracked as an expense account, deposits are "negative" and payments are "positive").

Guidelines for Presentations

Presentations by Individuals

  • Any destination, familiar or exotic, USA or abroad, is welcome

  • Ideal length of presentation is 45-50 minutes, leaving about 10 minutes for questions

  • Be sure to practice your presentation

  • We are not photography snobs! We love pictures and online maps to accompany your talk. Group your pictures around a topic rather than a day-by-day chronology. It's okay to put several pictures on one slide

  • We will ask you for a brief description of your talk for our website, some pictures to post, and your top tips for having a great visit

  • Presentations will reflect tolerance and respect for the people and places visited

Travel Skills Topics- These usually follow the presentation- share your knowledge with us!

  • An informal discussion on specific travel skills

  • None of us are experts, we just like to share our experiences and learn from your experiences

  • Examples of topics include travel insurance, best sites to book travel, when and how to use a travel agent, cruising options, how to manage money while travelling, how to stay connected while travelling

  • Presentations may be a panel, or a single presentation

  • Graphics about your travel skills presentation are optional but not necessary